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International Istanbul Dance & Music Festival

170 € per person

Istanbul is bounded on the north and the south by two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, respectively. The western half of the city lies in Europe while the eastern half is situated in Asia; in between the two halves flows the Bosphorus Strait. It is a city of great museums, historical places, shopping centers and it is a lively metropolis with many social areas.Our name is Boğaziçi Folklor Birliği Gençlik & Spor Kulübü (Bosphorus Folklore Union Youth & Sport Club). Every year, we are preparing child and young festivals.
Take part in our festival and feel the mystery of the Bosphorus Sea.
The Festival will start on 24 NOVEMBER 2022 at 16:00 and will end on 28 NOVEMBER 2022 at 10:00.

A1.DANCE: Folk dance (traditional and stylized), Modern dance (group, solo, duet), Classical dance, Neo-classic, Modern choreography, jazz, show groups, step, oriental dances, disco, hip-hop, techno, street, breakdance, lyric dance, ballroom dance.
B1.FOLK MUSİC: Folk music, instrumental music, vocal soloists and duos, trios (authentic/ folk vocals).
C1.CHORUS MUSİC: Chorus groups (Children, Female, Male or Mixed).
ENTRY FEE: 60 € (Euros) all groups for one category, 30 € (Euros) Solo or duet dance/ music competitions
If groups want to join only performance don’t pay the entry fee.

Competitions are open for amateur culture groups. Groups may enter the competition maximum of two categories. Expert jury members are selected from abroad. The international jury committee will evaluate the competitors according to their performance in the competition.

Time for the competition is limited to min. 6 and max. 8 minutes. However, the festival performances are approximately 10-12 minutes. Groups will perform max. 2 nights. All performances will be divided into two categories; CHILDREN CATEGORY maximum16 years of age ( %20 of the participants can be over 16 up to 18 years old) and ADULT CATEGORY minimum 16 years of age (%20 can be less than 16 years old).

The international jury committee will evaluate the competitors according to their performance in the competition. The chorus can make their own repertoire and are free to choose the songs for the competition. Chorus must prepare songs for competition in time limits, minimum 6 and maximum 8 minutes. The stopwatch for the time starts with the first song and finishes with the last song together with breaks between the songs. If the group passes the time limit, for the first 20 seconds, there won’t be any cut from the total point. But if the group passes 8 minutes 20 seconds until 8 minutes 40 seconds, there will be 1 point cut from the total point.

CHILDREN/ ADULT FOLK DANCE competitions are open for amateur groups. The number of dancers or musicians must be min. 8, max. 32. The performance should be done with traditional dance in traditional costumes. Groups can dance with live music or use a recorded soundtrack (CD or USB).

The competition will be organized as folk solo/ duet and modern dance solo/duet. The folk performance should be done with traditional music in traditional costumes. Modern dance solo/ duet is free costumes and free dance. It should be min. 3, max. 5 minutes.

All the basic needs are provided by the festival organization, such as lighting, microphones on one side of the stage for musicians. The groups will perform at the open-air stages mostly during the nights, however, some daily performances will be in the festival schedule as well.

All groups are required to secure MEDICAL INSURANCE before coming to the festival. The organization committee won’t pay any medical or hospital costs incurred during the festival period. However, for any emergency situations, we will provide an ambulance.
9 years old and above dancers can join the festival.
Singing ensembles, majorettes, chorus, folk dance, and modern dance groups are welcome to participate.
Groups will present a performance of 5,10,15 minutes.
Music can be live or CD
Groups will be staying in the HOTEL. It is a three-person room.
Breakfast and dinner will be included.
There will be no member in the group free of charge.
140 euro entry fee for the festival (bed, meal, and guides included)

42 people on the bus, 18 euros per person, round trip
30 people on the bus, 23 euros per person, round trip
20 people on the bus, 28 euros per person, round trip. 10 people on the bus, 35 euros per person, round trip

If the group is arriving by AIRCRAFT, we will charter a bus for all ground transportation. The groups would have to finish the bus journey. It provides services on the festival buses located inside, including flight plan transfers, itinerary transfers (the group will visit once about European historical sites), and on-site transfers. The fee for the first shopping of the festival must be paid to the festival committee. The bus fare (maximum 45 people) is 540 € (Euros). If the number of groups is less than 16, the bus fare is 390 € (Euro). For 1-4 people solo/duet, the fee is 60 € (Euro) per person.
Special tours and trips in İstanbul are excluded. Performances with live or recorded music are both allowed. Pictures of the groups should be sent for application. The Festival program will be announced later on. A special Bosphorus boat trip will be organized for the groups who want to participate. Additional cost for this trip will be 15 Euro per person.

Address: Kadiköy
Zip: 34000
Country: Turkey
Property Id : 889
Price: 170 € per person
Start Date: 20-11-2022
End Date: 24-11-2022
Type Of Festival: Folk Dance, Modern Dance, Music and Major Festival
Accomodation: Hotel
Meals Included: Breakfast - Dinner
Age Of Group: 9+ years old
Max Group Capacity: 45
Max Number Of Groups: 5
Performance: 5-10-15 minutes
Type Of Music: Live, CD, usb (flash memory)
Transportation: Not Included
Transfers from airport
Fees for the city tour
Fees for the museum
Fee for the boat tour

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